AB Testing for Growth Design

November 14, 2019 • 5:45PM – 9:45PM

Eventbrite HQ, 155 5th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Learn how to run meaningful experiments to drive business impact. Product experts will teach you how to run a proper AB test and how to present your experiments to your organization.  We have an all-star lineup and a full night of fun. Join us!

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Rebecca Bruggman



Adrian Andrade



Justina Nguyen



Jeff Sing



Jeff Sing



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Doors open
Light food and drinks served


Introduction and Announcements
Andi Galpern, Founder of Cascade SF


"When to Run an AB Test and When Not To"
Jane Davis, Head of Research at Zapier


"Testing New Features with Feature Flags and Rollouts"
Justina Nguyen, Developer Evangelist Lead at Optimizely
Jeff Sing, Software QA Engineer at Optimizely


Trivia Break


"AB Testing Lessons for Product Designers"
Adrian Andrade, Product Design Lead at Eventbrite


"How to Build an Experimentation Culture at your Organization and Get Buy-In
Rebecca Bruggman, Staff Technical Program Manager, Experimentation at Optimizely

Talk Descriptions

Rebecca Bruggman

Rebecca Bruggman

Staff Technical Program Manager, Experimentation

How to Build an Experimentation Culture at your Organization and Get Buy-In

Running consistent, thoughtful experiments requires a backlog of great experiment ideas and buy-in from your team, so how do you get that anyway?

Becca Bruggman, Optimizely's Internal Experimentation Program Manager, will take us through how to use design problem solving and visibility tactics to get your whole company excited about experimentation.

You will learn:
• Why experimentation matters
• How to utilize design research foundations to generate experiment ideas
• How to create a consistent flow of experiment ideas from across your company
• How to present your experiments across your organization to keep everyone on the same page and get buy in

Adrian Andrade

Adrian Andrade

Product Design Lead

AB Testing Lessons for Product Designers

Companies that adopt an experimentation culture are more likely to succeed and achieve a product market fit. Lucky for us, Adrian Andrade, Product Design Lead at Eventbrite, has tips on how to leverage experimentation and data driven design to transform assumptions into solutions.  

In this presentation, Adrian will walk us through lessons he learned while running A/B tests and experiments for digital products.  He’ll guide us on proven techniques to make sure you’re effectively implementing an experimentation strategy.  He’ll also cover the dos and don'ts of running an AB test.

Justina Nguyen

justina nguyen

Developer Evangelist Lead

Jeff Sing

jeff sing

Software QA

Testing New Features with Feature Flags and Rollouts

Feature flags allow companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google to AB test new features, learn quickly and continuously deploy software to their users.  Yet the industry treats feature flags as a technical term which can be confusing to designers.

In this talk, Justina and Jeff from Optimizely will teach product designers how to use feature flags to:
• Perform gradual feature rollouts
• Fix bugs in the code without redeploying
• Experience a more streamlined development cycle
• Rollback code easily

We aim to get designers comfortable experimenting with feature flags.  This talk will not be overly technical.  You'll understand the basics and how they apply to your work as a product designer.  

Jane Davis

Jane Davis

Head of Research

When to Run an AB Test and When Not To

Jane Davis, Head of Research at Zapier, helps product teams understand when to do research vs. when to run an experiment.  In this talk, Jane will guide us on how to evaluate when to use AB testing and when not to.  She’ll cover:

• How to know if you have enough information to begin an experiment
• When to run an AB test
• When not to run an AB test
• Is an AB test necessary?
• How to define a hypothesis and understand your goals