Episode 1Designing for Remote Care with One Medical
Discover how One Medical's product designers embed care into a seamless clinical app experience.

Designing for Remote Care

with One Medical's design team

Featuring product designers:

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Accessibility and design systems in healthcare UX with One Medical


Telehealth UX design during Covid-19 with One Medical


Designing for Healthcare UX with One Medical


Discover how One Medical's product designers embed care into a seamless clinical app experience.

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With the heightened risk of coronavirus and the development of modern technology, remote healthcare is more important than ever. For the first episode of Our Digital Future, we’ll meet with One Medical’s design team to learn how they design for virtual care.

We’ll cover how their design team:
• Combines service design and UX to provide patients with virtual and in-person care
• Thinks through an in-person doctor visit into a technological solution to ensure care, security, and privacy
• Designs workflows to cover every aspect of a doctor’s visit from medication management, medical billing, setting up appointments, work with patient’s data, hand-offs to admins, and more.
• Designs for growth
• Utilizes One Medical’s design system to keep everything on brand

Format:We’ll kick off the event with a panel, moderated by Andi Galpern, Founder of Cascade SF. Then we’ll move into the audience Q&A, all done via Zoom chat. Sign up to watch the talks and ask our speakers questions.

One Medical is a pioneer in the tele-health industry and we are proud to work with their team.

Read about our talented speakers

preethi raju

Preethi Raju

Preethi Raju is a Senior Product Designer at One Medical where she leads the effort to rethink healthcare and create a world-class patient experience. She loves working with teams to design simple products that raise the standard, and even create some joy in the world. 

Preethi teaches design at City College of San Francisco (CCSF), and holds a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to discovering her love for healthcare design, she led mobile design at MobileIron, redesigned Slant, and consulted for clients including Target and Goldman Sachs. She is passionate about design culture and its ability to transcend throughout organizations.

Niki Benedetto

Niki Benedetto is a Senior Product Designer at One Medical, designing for the 1Life platform. With a centralized design role on the core electronic health record, she focuses on optimizing provider (doctor) workflows in harmony with data interoperability objectives and reporting requirements.

Aside from design, Niki is an avid reader of the beatnik genre and art history enthusiast. You can find her listening to big brass bands and grunge rock on a daily basis.
clarke hyrne

Clarke Hyrne

Clarke is a Senior Product Designer who enjoys building fast, simple-to-use, and meaningful products.  At One Medical, Clarke works on an internal platform to help clinicians quickly capture their face-to-face meetings into structured data, saving them countless hours and mental energy. 

Outside of work, when Clare's not giving friends sourdough starter, tending to orchids, reading too much, or doing Olympic weightlifting (when he can go back to the gym), he researches how to level up his design skills by learning techniques from other industries.
clarke hyrne

Kim Ruelo-Salazar

Kim Ruelo-Salazar is a queer, Filipinx Sr. Product/Growth Designer at One Medical. Kim’s focus is to increase awareness that convenient, quality healthcare does exist at One Medical. Her passion is to use data-driven design to decrease the anxiety out of getting care.
brittany staten

Brittany Staten

Brittany Staten is a Senior Product Designer who believes healthcare providers deserve intuitive, useful products that make their jobs easier and help them take better care of their patients. One Medical's unique care model enables her to consider the holistic end-to-end experience from provider to patient. She's currently working on provider medication management workflows and standardizing tools, components, and processes between the design and front-end engineering team.

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