UXNight:  connecting research and design

UXNight was spectacular!  Stay tuned for the next one!

Alex Goldman


Senior UX Researcher
(Past: Lending Club)

Michele Ronsen


Founder, Educator, and Researcher
Curiosity Tank

Daniel Camilleri

Daniel Camilleri

UX Research Lead and Licensed Psychologist
(Past: Uber)

Megan Kierstead

Megan Kierstead

UX Research Leader
(past: Trifacta and Salesforce)

UXNight: Responsible Design

November 10, 2020, 5pm PST / 8pm EST

Learn how to design with ethics and access in mind.

As big data grows, we need to consider how to protect the people who use our products. We have to think about designing account defaults in favor of user security, protecting privacy, being transparent about the information we collect, and giving people full understanding to everything they share on the platforms we create.Yet, companies need to make money. How do we balance the use of data to inform product decisions while keeping ethics in mind?

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5:15 PM, PST / 8:15 PM EST

"Consumer privacy and transparency:  How much is enough?" (Interview)Joe Toscano, Founder of BEACON (Better Ethics and Consumer Outcomes Network)
Featured in "The Social Dilemma" (movie on Netflix), ex-Google Design consultant, Forbes author

5:50 PM, PST / 8:50 PM EST

"Responsible design" (Presentation)
Stephanie Lucas, Senior UX Designer and Trust Rep. at LinkedIn

Learn how LinkedIn developed and deployed their responsible design principles framework. You'll also discover:
• The importance of having a framework of responsible design principles
• Why principles make good business sense, too
• Examples of successful companies that employ frameworks
• and more
6:30 PM, PST / 9:30 PM EST

Trick or trust?  A critique on dark patternsJohn Adams, Cofounder of Alembic, #13 at Twitter (setup their infosec team), Security Advisor at Open Technology Fund

+ Corie Johnson, Design Team Manager at ZenBusiness, VP at the Operator Foundation

+ Andi Galpern, UX Content Strategist, Designer, and Researcher at Independent (formerly Adobe)

Corie, John, and Andi will highlight, critique, and suggest solutions for common dark patterns in user interfaces.