UXNight: The Blockchain

Nisa Andrews Decentralized Systems Designer & Product Designer at Uber

Nisa Andrews
Decentralized Systems Designer
& Product Designer at Uber

UXNight: The Blockchain

January 17, 2018  •  San Francisco, CA

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are drastically transforming our economy and making it easier to anonymize purchases and improve the security of technology.

For this UXNight, we'll teach you all about the different types of Blockchain technologies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs, and more. Designers who work in this space will explain their process and their design choices.

This event features Nisa Andrews, Product Designer at Uber. Nisa also works on independent projects to enhance the usability of blockchain apps and websites and is a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Part I:  "ICOs and How Blockchain Works"

with Nisa Andrews, Product Designer at Uber
and Blockchain Product Designer

For this UXNight, product designer Nisa Andrews will teach us about ICOs, how blockchain works and she will present some of the blockchain apps she’s designed, and include a case study.  You'll learn about terms like distributed ledgers, initial coin offerings and how companies are raising millions of dollars in seconds. Nisa will also teach us about basic terminology relating to blockchain, how decentralized funding works, and about tokens.

Part II: "The Blockchain: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"

Featuring John Adams, Security Software Engineer

There's so much skepticism about blockchain, yet why are VC's investing billions into the industry? Is blockchain a conspiracy? Can you make money from nothing? What about hackers? We are here to discuss all of these topics with security expert and hacktivist, John Adams, who will be the skeptic, vs. a blockchain expert and technologist (TBA). If you'd like to participate in this debate, email Andi Galpern at andi@cascadesf.com.