Growth Design series

Learn how to design for business impact

We brought together 20 leaders in growth strategy to teach you how to grow your company in a meaningful way.

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Join us for a mini conference on how to scale your product in an organic and meaningful way.  

Growth is getting a lot of buzz lately. But it's not only because it's a buzz word. It's because it's extremely valuable to a company.

In this series, we'll educate you how to experiment and grow as a product designer or product manager. We'll talk about product activation, metrics, A/B testing, customer journeys, and more.

Our goal:  We aim to increase the talent pool of growth designers and help companies deliver more value to their users.


day 1:  Monday, July 29, 2019  •  6:00pm – 9:00pm

Day 1:  A Primer on Growth Design

Venue:  Instacart HQ, 50 Beale Street Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94105

We’ll kick off The Growth Design Series with an overview of what growth design is, how to hire a growth designer, skills you need, opportunities, and how great design and an open mindset impacts the success of a company.

lex roman

Lex Roman

Growth Designer
Black Tux

“Practicing Growth Design”

Lex Roman is an advocate for growth designers based out of Los Angeles, CA. She organizes communities for growth design, gives talks, and has worked as a Digital Product Designer for Growth for the last five years. In this presentation, Lex will explain what growth design is, why it matters, and how it differs from core product design.

You’ll also learn:
• How to make a case for your work with analytics
• The step-by-step process to practice growth design
• How businesses can benefit from growth design
• Resources to expand your knowledge and skills

chetana deorah


Product Design Director, Growth
Formerly at Netflix + Scribd

"Leading Design for Growth"

Chetana Deorah is a seasoned leader and builder of high performing product design teams. Her deep expertise is in consumer products and innovation for emerging markets. Most recently as Design Director at Netflix, she led product design for global acquisition & growth.

In her presentation, she will provide a primer on leading design for Growth as it relates to product, people & process. You will also learn:

• What designing for Growth is
• The core essence of Growth UX
• Why there's an emerging focus on Growth Experience Design
• How to hire product designers for Growth UX
• What makes a successful Growth team?

bangaly kabo

Bangaly Kaba

VP of Growth

Fireside Chat with Bangaly Kaba, VP of Growth at Instacart

Bangaly Kaba oversees growth initiatives for Instacart, to build experiences that drive customer acquisition, retention and long-term engagement.

In this fireside chat, we'll talk 1:1 with Bangaly to learn how he structured the growth team at Instacart and makes strategic product decisions at the top level.

growth design series lineup

Day 2:  Tuesday, July 30, 2019  •  6:00pm – 9:00pm

Experimenting with Data + A/B Testing

Venue:  Thumbtack HQ, 1355 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

On Day 2 of the Growth Design Series, we’ll explore how to use data to inform design decisions.  We’ll cover areas like localization, how to carry ideas into multiple rounds of iterations, and how to define and execute A/B tests.

derek collins

Derek collins

Product Designer, Growth

“A/B Testing and Designing for a Global Audience”

Derek Collins works at Netflix as a Product Designer for Growth.  Over the last year, Netflix has transformed their thinking of how they approach design for a global audience.  In this presentation, Derek will share insights on how Netflix tests and scales design around the world.

You'll learn how to:
• Define hypotheses and evaluate metrics with global data
• Combine quantitative and qualitative research to uncover problems and opportunities
• Uncover local problems in a global marketplace
• Approach to product design for growth from Netflix's perspective

paolo ertero


Product Designer, Growth

"Growth Strategies to Design Successful Products"

As a Product Designer for Growth at Dropbox, Paolo Ertreo combines UX design methodologies with product management techniques to generate new ideas, identify high potential growth opportunities and create new business solutions.

In this presentation, Paolo will cover:
• How to cultivate a growth mindset
• Product frameworks used to meet KPIs
• How to validate ideas efficiently and expedite learnings
• How to run quick iterative experiments to discover opportunities

Thumbtack Growth Team Panel

paolo ertero

Theo Folinas

Product Design Manager

Rob Balian

Cordelia Hyland

Experience Researcher Thumbtack

paolo ertero

Alyssa Murray

Product Design Lead

paolo ertero

Rob Balian

Product Manager

growth design series lineup

DAY 3: wednesday, July 31, 2019  •  6:00pm – 9:00pm

Engagement + Metrics + Scaling Quality


Venue:  LinkedIn HQ, 222 Second Street, San Francisco, CA

On Day 3 we'll talk about how to deliver value to create returning customers, how to define what quality is and use it as a guide to create an exceptional experience, how to optimize your career as a designer, and how to measure growth.

elina lin

Elina Lin

Product Designer, Growth

"Growth Lessons to Accelerate your Design Career"

🔥 Fireside Chat with Elina Lin, Product Designer, Growth at LinkedIn

It takes a unique type of person to be successful on a growth team.  The individual must be a strategic thinker, an inclusive collaborator, be flexible to change, understand data, and take ownership on projects. Elina Lin, Product Designer on LinkedIn’s Growth team, possesses all of these qualities and more.

In this fireside chat, we’ll talk one-on-one with Elina about her journey to designing products for LinkedIn. With an unconventional and multi-disciplinary background, Elina evolved her design career using principles of growth design through rapid experimentation and learning, a growth mindset, and resourcefulness.

Prior to LinkedIn, Elina made big impacts at startups including Simple Habit, where she led the design team to grow their user base from zero to two million users.  This fireside chat aims to inspire you to overcome your fears, challenge your own preconceptions, and lean into your strengths so you can reach your full potential.

"How LinkedIn Scales Quality"

A Panel featuring the LinkedIn Growth Team
With over 630 million users across the globe, The LinkedIn Growth team drives quality growth with a vision to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. 

In this panel, we’ll explore how LinkedIn’s growth team works together to increase engagement and scale quality.  We'll learn about:
•  How the Growth team runs experiments
•  Types of projects they work on
•  Organizational structure and collaboration
•  What a typical work week looks like
•  And anything you want to learn – just ask!

Elina lin

Elina Lin

Product Designer, Growth

Liz Li

Liz Li

Director of Product Management

Meghan Kirby-McFarland

Meghan Kirby-mcfarland

Director of Growth Design

brian vanaski

brian vanaski-

Staff UX Designer

Robbie Allan

Robbie Allan

Product Manager

“How to Measure Growth”

Growth metrics are the core of your business.  They tell you whether or not you’re solving a problem for your customer.  Yet, how do you know what to measure? How do you identify the key action that determines the success of your business?  

In this presentation, Robbie Allan, Product Manager at Intercom, will teach us how to measure growth at a high level.  You’ll discover that measuring growth doesn’t have to be a complex math problem.  With Robbie’s guidance you’ll learn how to measure the right kind of engagement, keep the users you already have, know what's possible, and build something that people want. 

Robbie Allan

Ran Liu

Senior UX Designer

“Designing with Data”

Amplitude helps product and growth teams instantly understand their users, build engaging experiences, and grow their business.  Over 12,000 companies use Amplitude to evaluate success metrics including Microsoft, Twitter, Atlassian, and Paypal.  

For this presentation, Ran Liu, Senior UX Designer at Amplitude, will show us how to design with data.  She’ll talk about:

• How to evaluate design success with data
• How to use qualitative feedback and quantitative data to inform your design decisions
• Product strategies to measure feature success
• How to convert more customers with metrics

user activation and onboarding at adobe

day 4: Thursday, August 1, 2019  •  6:00pm – 9:00pm

User Activation + Onboarding + Notifications

Venue:  Adobe HQ, 601 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA

On Day 4, we'll explore how to onboard new customers, show them around your product, educate them on new features, create meaningful notifications, and build habits.

elina lin

Chris Gallello

Senior Product Manager

"The Challenges of Optimizing your Onboarding Flow"

User onboarding is tricky but crucial. It takes a lot of trial error and experimentation to get it right. Chris Gallello, Senior Product Manager at Strava, will walk through tips on how to optimize your onboarding flow for maximum retention and comprehension. You'll learn about:

• Designing for different types of users who sign up
• How to prioritize the different actions you want a user to take
• Balancing speed vs. scientific perfection when testing

elina lin

raghu thricovil

Group Product Manager, Growth

"Building an Effective User Onboarding Flow for Adobe XD"

Raghu is a Group Product Manager for Growth at Adobe, where he works on product activation and user onboarding on Adobe XD.  Raghu creates intuitive onboarding experiences to guide customers on how to use Adobe XD in minutes.  In this presentation, you’ll learn:

• Where to start when creating an onboarding experience
• Essential elements of great onboarding
• How to help the user build a habit for the product
• How to motivate users to keep them engaged
• How Raghu collaborates with marketing and design teams to run campaigns and A/B tests to improve acquisition and reacquisition KPIs
• How to analyze the user journey to activate new and existing customers

elina lin


Group Product Manager, Growth

“How Adobe's Growth Team Increases Product Activations”

Dustin Nguyen, Group Product Manager, Growth for Adobe's flagship products, will walk us through how The Adobe Growth works together to increase product activations, grow monthly active users, and reduce churn.

Adobe's Growth Team Panel

Raghu Thricovil

Raghu Thricovil

Group Product Manager, Growth

dustin nguyen

Dustin Nguyen

Group Product Manager, Growth

Christine Ricks

Christine Ricks

Product Designer, Growth

cass waldman

cass Waldman

Senior Growth Designer, Lead

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