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Design your Design Career

Design is competitive, especially in the Silicon Valley.  Things move fast, we go head-to-head for jobs, and we work around the clock to create meaningful and beautiful apps, websites, and systems. 

As designers, it's important to pause from a busy day and take the time and the steps to enhance our careers.  We must learn new skills, build our network, and create our own opportunities so that we stay ahead of the job market.  And that's where Cascade comes into play.  


Events, Conferences, Workshops & Mentoring

We bring product designers together through monthly speakers series, workshops, and conferences.  We also have a mentor program where designers give 1-1 feedback to help others grow. 

Your design career doesn't have to be a guessing game.  We are the bridge between the community and technology companies.   We give you the information you need to succeed as a digital product designer and connect you with the people and resources in tech. 


Past Events


In this presentation, Roger Pincombe, Machine Learning Expert and Software Engineer will teach us practical advice to apply machine learning to problems we deal with in the real world.  This talk is not overly technical and will help you understand:  

  • An overview of machine learning, basic concepts, and how they work

  • Different types of algorithms and real-world examples to match them

  • The difference between AI + machine learning

  • How AI works when we have more or less data


Who are we?  

Andi Galpern, Founder of Cascade, is kicking off UXNight. Photo by Elina Lin.

Andi Galpern, Founder of Cascade, is kicking off UXNight. Photo by Elina Lin.

Led by Andi Galpern, Cascade is community of thousands of product and experience designers in the Silicon Valley.  We study design and meet product leaders, engineers, and entrepreneurs.  We learn about artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, chatbots, and everything that is on the cutting edge.   Then we organize events to educate designers on skills to learn, connect them with job opportunities, and find ways to optimize their career path.