Design your Design Career

Design is competitive. The industry moves fast, we go head-to-head for jobs, and we work around the clock to create meaningful and beautiful technology.

As designers, it's important to pause from a busy day and take the time to enhance our careers.  We must learn new skills, build our network, and create our own opportunities so that we stay ahead of the job market.  And that's where Cascade comes into play.  

Cascade SF is now a part of Design Career Network!We are now a part of Design Career Network, our parent brand, where we host educational events around the globe and provide mentor access to aspiring and practicing designers in technology.

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UX Events, Workshops and Mentoring

Cascade is an experience design organization, based in San Francisco, California. We unite designers of all types through events, workshops, and our mentor program. We help each other grow.

Based in San Francisco, California, we strive to be the bridge between the design community and technology companies. We give you the information you need to succeed as a digital product designer and connect you with the people and resources in tech. Join us on

Who attends our events? 
Attendees include Product Designers, Product Managers, Content Designers, UX Writers, Marketers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Students. We welcome anyone who wants to learn about the intersection of design and technology.

Steve Ip give a talk about advertising in VRvirtual reality demovirtual reality demo

Who Are We? 

andi galpern, uxnight
Andi Galpern kicks off UXNight at Eventbrite HQ. Photo by Elina Lin.

Led by Andi Galpern, Cascade is community of thousands of experience designers in the Silicon Valley.  We study design and meet product leaders, engineers, and entrepreneurs.  We learn about artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, chatbots, and everything that is on the cutting edge.   Then we organize events to educate designers on skills to learn, connect them with job opportunities, and find ways to optimize their career path.

Sponsors and Partners Include: