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UX of VR

Join us from October 2-5 for "The UX of VR Series"!


The UX of VR Series
Oct. 2-5, 2017

4 Nights • 6:00PM - 9:00PM

In this series we’ll explore how to design the ultimate user experiences for virtual reality.

Learn about: 

  • New hardware. We'll have demo areas and scheduled times for you to walk up and explore different hardware and VR experiences.

  • Different industries using VR for practical use cases. This includes real estate, Healthcare, Movie Advertisements & other practical industries

  • Where you as a product design fit into this landscape

  • 3D software including Unity, Unreal, Photoshop + other tools

  • The VR Design Process

  • Prototyping a VR experience

  • Spatial awareness

  • Sound design and effects

  • Accessibility in VR



"Healthcare + VR: Pain Management"
Sarit (Sarah) Hashkes
Founder at MindMoVR and Consultant at Karuna Labs

Based on the latest neuroscience research Sarah will explain the unique power VR has over brains. She will focus on how this power can be used in the health care industry and end with some specific tips on how this information can be implemented to design UX in VR. This interactive lecture will explore:

  • Examples from research in health care on how VR manipulates sensory information and influences the brain.

  • How brains work – The Predictive Coding framework

  • How the brain’s plastic sense of self can be used to design better UX.

"How We Made Facebook Spaces"
with Stephanie Engle and Katya Kostyukova
Virtual Reality Designers at Facebook

In this talk, Stephanie and Katya from the Facebook Design team, will teach us about social VR and how their team created Facebook Spaces, a platform for hanging out with Facebook friends in a virtual reality setting and exploring photos, videos, and drawing. They'll also teach us ways to influence more people to explore the VR space, and how to engage someone with and without a VR headset.

Bios to be added!

Speaker Bios:

Sarit (Sarah) Hashkes
Founder at MindMoVR and Consultant at Karuna Labs

Sarah recently graduated from with Masters Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and is dedicated to improve the quality of peeople's lives with VR.  She combines her knowledge from a BSc. in Physics, a MSc. in Cognitive Neuroscience and a lifetime dedicated to movement, martial arts and dance, to create VR experiences that hack the brain body link. 

Sarah is the Co-Founder of Virtual Bytes (, creating VR demos that showcase the uniqueness of VR as a medium and consulting for Karuna (, a startup using VR for treating chronic pain.