Andi Galpern
Founder & Executive Producer
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Andi Galpern is an Experience Designer for Technology and Events, and the Founder of Cascade SF – a product design organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She works with industry experts, researches and teaches how user experience design and user journeys advance the design of technology.  Her ultimate goal is to help entrepreneurs and visionaries get clear on their ideas, develop easily to follow onboarding experiences, and make technology accessible and legible.

Andi has over a decade working as an experience designer in the tech industry.  She began her career in advertising design, working with Flash (oh yes, times have changed!), and designed 8-10 ads per day for Lennar at Zimmerman Advertising.  Andi moved to the Bay Area in 2008, and worked with large corporations, startups and small businesses – both freelance and full-time.  

She is passionate about learning, exploring, bringing communities together, personal growth, mentoring,  and working together to improve the quality of our lives. Aside from design, Andi is a classically trained singer.   She spends her free time singing, playing piano, inventing new technological solutions, attending Pilates and yoga, having picnics with friends, and camping under the stars.

Meet the Leadership Team

Lukasz Lysakowski
Leadership Team at Cascade SF
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Lukasz Lysakowski is a Design Director at Scout, RFP – a Workday company.  Lukasz oversees and manages the brand and product design team.  He collaborates to meet business goals while encouraging customers to discover and try out new real-life experiences.  

Lukasz believes that extensive user research, collaboration, and frequent feedback are essential to the ultimate user experience design.  Lukasz has a decade of experience creating online community and marketing projects. He oversaw UX and UI of global communities for Cisco, Nike, Pearson, SAP, and more. Lukasz began his career designing rich-media entertainment websites for The Matrix, HBO, and Interscope Records. He believes that it’s important to give back to the design community.  

As a Senior Mentor at Cascade SF, he provides one-on-one design feedback to the next generation of designers.  He's also a content strategist and shares relevant articles and news to Cascade SF's Facebook and Twitter feed.